Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Champions for the Gateway Jr. PGA Spencer T. Olin Tournament held in Alton, IL include

18 Hole Boys 16 and up

1st Jimmy Murphy (76)

2nd Chris Ehlke (80) * Scorecard playoff

3rd Nick Burry (80)

18 Hole Boys 15 and under -

1st Zach Burry (76)

2nd Christopher Ferris (79)

3rd Keenai Sampson (80)

18 Hole Girls 16 and up -

1st Lindsey Eisenreich (76)

2nd Nicole Johnson (82)

3rd Megan Stephens (89)

18 Hole Girls 15 and under -

1st Emily Goldenstein (83)

2nd Lauran Belling (100)

3rd Reagan Snavely (101)

9 Hole Boys 13 and up -

1st Ben Fowler (43)

2nd Jack Klingel (44)

3rd Paul Henken (45)

9 Hole Boys 12 and under -

1st Logan Harris (42)

2nd Triston Buckley (46)

3rd Leo Henken (47)

9 Hole Girls 13 and up -

1st Katie Glickert (63) * Scorecard Playoff

2nd Lauren Frank (63)

9 Hole Girls 12 and under -

1st Ellie Kane (51)

All 107 Junior Golfers braved the challenging Spencer T. Olin layout.


Champions for the Gateway Jr. PGA Spencer T. Olin Learning Center Tournament held in Alton, IL include

Novice 9 Boys

1st Kolten Bauer (43)

2nd Shakir Martin (44)

3rd Ben Martin (46)

Novice 9 Girls

1st Abbey Burns (57)

Mini 9 Boys

1st Kal Kolar (42)

2nd Avery Irwin (49)

3rd Dylan Clark (50)

Mini 9 Girls

1st Kylee Vaughn (51)

All 18 players braved windy conditions today at the Learning Center.

Our next event is April 16th at Paradise Valley.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Event #1 Bear Creek Results

Champions for the Gateway Jr. PGA Opening Day event at Bear Creek GC in Wentzville, MO include

18 Hole Boys 16 and up -

1st Nick Bryant (85)

2nd Zach Buchheit (87)

3rd Dustin Duncan (88)

18 Hole Boys 15 and under -

1st Dillon Eaton (77)

2nd Keenai Sampson (80) *scorecard playoff

3rd Crimson Callahan (80)

18 Hole Girls 16 and up -

1st Nicole Johnson (84)

2nd Darby Hobbs (92)

3rd Bridget Banks (95)

18 Hole Girls 15 and under -

1st Emily Goldenstein (89)

2nd Reagan Snavley (101)

3rd Megan Biscan (102)

9 Hole Boys 13 and up -

1st Derek Griffitts (48)

2nd Jack Klingel (51)

3rd Conor Kelleher (56)

9 Hole Boys 12 and under -

1st Triston Buckley (50)

2nd Logan Harris (51)

3rd Brennan Dolnick (51)

9 Hole Girls 13 and up -

1st Leigha Kelly (56)

2nd Lauren Frank (67)

3rd Michelle Stading (68)

9 Hole Girls 12 and under -

1st Mia Schroeder (73) * Scorecard playoff

2nd Kylah Gore (73)

3rd Grace Aromando (75)

All 76 Junior Golfers braved 30+ mile per hour winds on the challenging Bear Creek layout.

Our next event will be Sunday, April 10th, at Spencer T. Olin GC in Alton, IL.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ed Schwent teaching our juniors the rules of golf at Mid Rivers G.C.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mid Rivers Rules Seminar

Our first Rules Seminar of the season was a success at Mid Rivers this past Saturday. We had three stations set up for our juniors to go through to become more familiar with the rules of golf. I want to give a special thanks to Ed Schwent and Bob Shogren for spending time with our juniors this weekend. Mr. Shogren and Mr. Schwent had a putting green station and a bunker/hazard station set up so that juniors could go through different situations and learn how to properly take relief from each area. I was in charge of the Teeing Ground and I can say that we have some juniors that really impressed me with their rule knowledge!

I encourage our 18 hole and tour players to come out to the remaining rules seminars that we have scheduled. It is NOT mandatory, but I know you will learn a great deal from spending a couple of hours with us.

Next weekend we have a Rules Seminar at The Orchards Golf Club on March 26th. If you haven't signed up please do so !

Pictures from the seminar will be posted shortly.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Junior Golf

Preview of March Newsletter :
will be sent out March 9th, 2011

It’s nice to finally see the weather take a turn toward the warmer side. February has been a very busy time for the Gateway Junior office. We now have well over 300 members signed up for membership and tournaments are beginning to take shape for the summer. The spring series will begin on March 27th at WingHaven C.C. and I am really looking forward to finally meeting our junior golfers and getting the season started.

We had over 20 total applications for the Junior Ryder Cup Academy. Our committee read through all the essays, letters of recommendations, and achievements our juniors have accumulated while being involved with golf in the area. I can speak on behalf of the committee and say we were excited to see how many quality individuals we have in our junior program! The decision process was a very difficult one and I will be excited when I can announce our boy and girl winner later this month.

You can now login to your account on the junior website and register to play in the Junior PGA Championship Qualifier at Spencer T. Olin as well as the Callaway Junior World Qualifier at Innsbrook Resort. These two events are among the best in terms of quality and depth of field. Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to play and compete for a spot in these two prestigious tournaments.

The rules seminars and spring events are just a few weeks away. In this months’ newsletter read the fitness article by Barb Michael on stretching and warming up those muscles before starting a round of golf. Also, be sure to check out Bob Shogren’s article on the rules of golf. If you read the rules articles each month, you will be much more prepared to compete and enjoy the summer events!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Junior Golf Tournaments

Both the Junior PGA Championship & Callaway Junior World Qualifiers will open for registration tomorrow at 6:00PM! The Junior PGA Championship golf tournament will be held at Spencer T. Olin and the Callaway World will be at Innsbrook. Don't miss your chance to play in these two exciting junior golf tournaments.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jr. Optimist & U.S Kids Golf Championship Quailifer

The Jr. Optimist & U.S. Kids Golf Championship Qualifier information is now on the main junior page. Click on the logos to go the registration site and read all the information to sign up! Click HERE to go the the main Junior Page.