Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Junior Golf

Preview of March Newsletter :
will be sent out March 9th, 2011

It’s nice to finally see the weather take a turn toward the warmer side. February has been a very busy time for the Gateway Junior office. We now have well over 300 members signed up for membership and tournaments are beginning to take shape for the summer. The spring series will begin on March 27th at WingHaven C.C. and I am really looking forward to finally meeting our junior golfers and getting the season started.

We had over 20 total applications for the Junior Ryder Cup Academy. Our committee read through all the essays, letters of recommendations, and achievements our juniors have accumulated while being involved with golf in the area. I can speak on behalf of the committee and say we were excited to see how many quality individuals we have in our junior program! The decision process was a very difficult one and I will be excited when I can announce our boy and girl winner later this month.

You can now login to your account on the junior website and register to play in the Junior PGA Championship Qualifier at Spencer T. Olin as well as the Callaway Junior World Qualifier at Innsbrook Resort. These two events are among the best in terms of quality and depth of field. Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to play and compete for a spot in these two prestigious tournaments.

The rules seminars and spring events are just a few weeks away. In this months’ newsletter read the fitness article by Barb Michael on stretching and warming up those muscles before starting a round of golf. Also, be sure to check out Bob Shogren’s article on the rules of golf. If you read the rules articles each month, you will be much more prepared to compete and enjoy the summer events!

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