Monday, March 21, 2011

Mid Rivers Rules Seminar

Our first Rules Seminar of the season was a success at Mid Rivers this past Saturday. We had three stations set up for our juniors to go through to become more familiar with the rules of golf. I want to give a special thanks to Ed Schwent and Bob Shogren for spending time with our juniors this weekend. Mr. Shogren and Mr. Schwent had a putting green station and a bunker/hazard station set up so that juniors could go through different situations and learn how to properly take relief from each area. I was in charge of the Teeing Ground and I can say that we have some juniors that really impressed me with their rule knowledge!

I encourage our 18 hole and tour players to come out to the remaining rules seminars that we have scheduled. It is NOT mandatory, but I know you will learn a great deal from spending a couple of hours with us.

Next weekend we have a Rules Seminar at The Orchards Golf Club on March 26th. If you haven't signed up please do so !

Pictures from the seminar will be posted shortly.

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